Years of experience - We have provided help to myriad citizens around the Huvadhoo Atoll and developed numerous projects since 1986 under the Huvadhoo Aid organization umbrella. The first international volunteer programme was welcomed in 2009. Back then the whole volunteer programme was about creating awareness of the climate change and advocating for resilience communities. Since then we have hosted a lot of foreign volunteers through different organisations and improved our organisation steadily. Nowadays various volunteer opportunities are offered in different sectors.

Supporting local communities, sea life & environment - All our projects are focused on supporting and developing local communities, sea life and environment. Therefore by choosing Sun sHADe Volunteers, you enhance the life of locals and promote sustainability. Our not-for-profit set up ensures that the entire fees are spent on aiding the community.

Valuable legacy - We offer incredible value that brings benefits to both volunteers and our local community. You will learn from locals as much as they will from you. We guarantee that you will leave a lasting legacy amongst people and create memories which never fade away.

Flexibility - The start dates of all our programmes are not fixed so it is completely up to you when you are ready to begin your life changing experience. We are also aware that our volunteers want to have fun and experience the local culture in their spare time. Many locals may invite you for various occasions. As a result we are more than happy to meet your interests beside designed schedule. Also, if you have relevant skills to share you can help other volunteers with their tasks and enhance the life of the community even more. In the case you are interested in giving a hand in order to aid our local community from distance, we also offer the position of volunteer ambassador.

Travel experiences & friendships - We combine volunteering and travel adventures while you are exploring the natural wonders of the Maldives. You will make lots of friends amongst locals and volunteers from different backgrounds. What is more, you will create strong bonds and memories which you will never forget.