We offer several incredible opportunities to try and make our volunteers stays as memorable as possible:

Desert-island excursions – A real desert island experience! We drop our volunteers and local guides off on an uninhabited island in the morning, and leave you there all day! We provide everything you will need, including food, beverages, sports and snorkeling equipment to make it the perfect day out for you. Picnics on such islands are great fun, and offer volunteers an opportunity to explore, sunbathe and relax in a tropical paradise. Picnics and barbeques on an uninhabited beach, with a few good friends, are truly one of the greatest things the Maldives has to offer. The idea of exploring a completely wild island should also appeal to the adventurous side of our volunteers!

Swimming and Snorkeling – With temperatures lingering often around 30°C and humidity often surpassing the 80% mark, even murky water would look tempting… But here in the Maldives our pristine oceans are one of our proudest and most beautiful assets. Azure-blue, crystal clear water and coral reefs teeming with fish visible just below the surface of the water are trademarks of our nation. It is undeniably tempting to plunge into the ocean on a daily basis. We offer some of the best snorkeling in the world – for free! Simply grab some flippers and a mask and you’re set to go, simply step off the edge of the island. When snorkeling you will frequently find yourself staring face to face with rare tropical species such as manta rays, reef sharks, turtles or even dolphins if you are lucky. The reefs themselves are beautiful and truly are a wonder of nature!

Tours around the atoll – Most islands in the Maldives are unique and are host to different customs and sights to see. We offer tours around Huvadhoo Atoll and this really does give you a better view of what the Maldives is really like.

Night-snorkeling – Feel like an olden-days explorer by taking a trip snorkeling during the night. It’s an amazing feeling swimming in a warm sea at night with just a torch and a few friends for company. The marine life at night is spectacular. Expect to see hundreds of different species of brightly coloured fish and glowing plankton! It feels like experiencing another whole world!

Surfing – Some of the best surf breaks in the world are located in the Maldives! Many of the locals are excellent surfers and will be more than happy to take you with them. Keep in mind that this is a once in a life-time opportunity to go surfing on the Equator!

Fishing – Fishing, besides making up a large percentage of the country’s economy, is a favorite past-time of many of the inhabitants and most of the islanders have a passion for that! Locals and local volunteers will offer to take you fishing in the beautiful waters surrounding our island. Night fishing usually begins with a burning sunset turning into a starry sky. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Catching such a wide variety of exotic fish is an experience of a life-time!

Barbeques - Any fish caught can also be prepared and eaten locally, with evening beach barbeques (or at private houses) -almost as common as the fishing trips that precede them!