The island of Hoadedhdhoo is located in the Huvadhoo Atoll of the Maldives. This atoll, which is the third most southern in the Maldives, is one of the largest natural atollin the world and is located just above the equator. Hoadedhdhoo lies on the western edge of the atoll, around 8 miles north of the equator. The island is home to around 1280 people (2006 National Census), who spend the majority of their time fishing, playing football or the traditional Maldivian sport called ‘Bashi’ and relaxing!

The inhabitants of Hoadedhdhoo are extremely friendly and provide a warm welcome to all visitors. They are grateful for the work that volunteers provide and have no trepidation in including them in their daily activities. Volunteers can get an authentic feel for the Maldivian life here and it is certainly not an opportunity to pass up!

Island Life

Our volunteers stay with residents and work closely with our other volunteers or members of the community. Friendship comes easily to the people of Hoadedhdhoo and you will have no trouble with being accepted into the community. You will spend evenings and weekends with your new friends, relaxing and chatting either at the local residence or at one of the picturesque outdoor areas. The majority of people you meet will be able to hold conversations with you in English. You will most likely have the chance to experience traditional barbeques at their homes or at the beach under the starry night sky. Just imagine grilled fresh fish with sweet coconut right from the tree.

You can also spend your spare time enjoying some of the many activities on the island. Locals are huge fans of football, volleyball and Bashi – a traditional Maldivian women’s sport. You can also bring your Frisbee or Badminton equipment and engage locals in the match. If you are a person who loves water activities then you are in the right place. The ocean plays the role of a big playground.

Locals love music and they are both great musicians and dancers. Therefore, it is not rare to experience sessions full of singing, dancing and sound of Bodu Beru-traditional drums. Many locals are more than happy to learn about the place you come from. In return, they will teach you about their culture.

It is necessary to beware that Hoadedhdhoo, like the rest of the Maldives, is 100% Muslim, and this plays a large role in the everyday life. Many of the islanders are traditionalists and volunteers will need to adhere to their rules and beliefs. Often this does not interfere with life, although for women there tend to be rather more restrictions. For example, clothes that expose the shoulders, knees or have a low neckline are not allowed in public areas. Acceptance of the beliefs of the islanders will play a major role in your adaptation to island life, but their warm and friendly nature should endear you to them and boundaries between different religions and cultures will be easily knocked down!