Maldives Group Volunteer Adventure – Surf, Sand & Sea


Upcoming Group Tour Dates :

First Batch : December 12, 2016 – Jan 02, 2017

Second Batch : Jan 07 – Jan 28, 2017

Prices: $1799 USD for a 3 week adventure (Full Board..)

Prices: $1300 USD for a 3 week adventure (Bed & Breakfast..)

Travel beyond the 5 star resorts and spend your winter holidays on the breath-taking remote islands of the Maldives and experience authentic local island life at its best while supporting community development projects. Because of the remote location of the islands there is a lack of human resources to move forward with a variety of community initiatives.

You will have an opportunity to assist local NGOs with enabling the local people to work effectively in promoting and advancing the interests of the rural communities to attain basic needs and to create a solid foundation for sustainable development.

Your participation in this unique opportunity will assist with poverty alleviation in the community by promoting equity and equality.

Join Sun sHADe Volunteers on a group tour to this amazing island paradise and explore the islands while giving back to the local communities.

There are volunteer opportunities in a variety of different sectors from education, environmental conservation, healthcare, climate change prevention & awareness, grant writing, and various research opportunities.

Sun sHADe volunteers will work with you to coordinate a volunteer program that is suited to your interests and fills a need in the community.

During your stay you will have plenty of time to enjoy the island life and on the weekends you will have time to snorkel or SCUBA dive, try wake boarding, have private island picnics, go fishing, and relax on the pristine beaches.

The group size will be limited so reserve your spot today!


  • Enjoy the laid back culture on the island
  • Assist with a variety of community development projects related to education, healthcare, environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, climate change research, marine conservation and more!
  • Travel to uninhabited islands for a picnics and snorkel excursions
  • Opportunities for snorkeling & wake boarding
  • Day visit to nearby tourist resort where discount is available for volunteers.
  • Relax on the pristine beaches

What’s included?

All meals, accommodations, domestic travel, volunteer activities & program development, local sim card, picnics to an uninhabited islands, snorkeling trips, fishing trips, surfing, wake boarding, Group Leader and a local guide.

A sample 3 week itinerary may include:

You will be working from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being your weekend.

Sunday to Thursday volunteer from 9:30am – 2:00pm.

Week 1 :

Day 1 – Volunteering and Dhivehi language lesson

Day 2 – Volunteering and Fishing trip

Day 3 – Volunteering and afternoon snorkeling

Day 4 – Participate in local sports activities

Day 5 – Volunteering and Night fishing

Day 6 – Picnic on an uninhabited island & snorkelling tour

Day 7 – Surfing or wakeboarding or picnic to local island

Week 2:

Sunday to Thursday volunteer from 9:30am – 2:00pm.


Day 1 – Island hopping tour to surrounding local communities to meet and learn about other volunteer programs

Day 2 – Cooking lesson

Day 3 – Afternoon snorkelling

Day 4 – Free Day – Participate in local sports activities

Day 5 – International Group Dinner – The volunteers will cook dinner for the local volunteer team

Day 6 to Day 7 – Overnight trip to an uninhabited island

Week 3:

Sunday to Thursday volunteer from 9:30am – 2:00pm.

Activities: Volunteer in Maldives

Day 1 – Snorkelling and/or Scuba Diving

Day 2 – Group BBQ feast

Day 3 – Surfing and/or wakeboarding

Day 4 – Free Day – Participate in local sports activities

Day 5 – Day Visit to a Luxury Resort

Day 6 & Day 7 will be left open to enjoy a final group activity based on the interests of the group.


Hotel or Homestay accommodations in a clean, modern home with a private ensuite. Based on double or triple occupancy.