Computer Instructor

Start Date: Anytime

Job Period: 6-12 months (stay for less months is also available after consideration)

Certificate Provided: Yes

Preparatory Course: No

Locations: Hoandedhdhoo, in the local Play School

About the programme

As a volunteer you will closely work with the administration of the school and other staff members. The main goal of the programme is to prepare our young generation for preschool. They need guidance from an expert teacher who can educate these young kids that are from 3 to 4 years old and help them develop their personalities. All teaching material will be provided by our staff and the administration will cooperate in every manner. Through interactive lessons, you can educate these children with different topics related to the real world. This will be a mind building activity and it will help them grow faster and stronger. Also you will assist teachers in the classroom and help them to create lesson plans. This placement is ideal for those who either plan to become teachers in later life and want to experience something different first or who simply want to make an impact on the lives of children.


Passion for working with children


Friendly personality

Experience in teaching kids


Playful personality

Open mindedness

Your gain, our goal

We will guarantee you a life time experience of interning and you will be able to gain knowledge and have fun at the same time. You will gain a unique opportunity to aid our community in developmental projects. Your expertise and skill will enhance the community and the working environment. Excitement and experience, all in one place!

By helping in building our community you will become part of our family. You will receive our warmest gratitude and gain experience of the life time.

Time for fun

You will enjoy the ultimate island fun!

We will make sure that full care and support is given to you by our members. Regular trips at parks and islands will be our main focus. So it’s not work all day long, fun element is also there.

Don’t miss out the experience of your lifetime.

You will never regret it!