Youth Counselor

Start Date: Anytime

Job Period: 1-48 weeks

Certificate Provided: Yes

Preparatory Course: No

Locations: Hoandedhdhoo

About the programme

Our young generation is passionate and devoted but they need proper guidance. If you can contribute towards solving problems of our young generation as a counsellor, grab this opportunity before it stops knocking. You may see the Maldives as tropical islands with the stereotypical ‘sun, sea and sand’, but the truth is that the Maldives is troubled by many issues amongst its communities. Working as a counselor, you will get the chance to help alleviating family issues, drug and alcohol addiction. You will be able to make a real impact on people’s lives.

As youth counselor, it is your responsibility to implement programmes that will help develop our young generation. You will be working with various groups including community representatives, school staff and parents. This programme will increase awareness of our societal issues including drugs, health issues, etc through workshops, campaigns and presentations. Drug usage has increased in the past few years and our young generation is highly affected. Lacks of resources, unemployment are some of the main reasons of such addictions. You, as a volunteer, will give guidance to our youth on how to overcome such addictions and related health issues and become part of a better community. Through your effort and knowledge, we can develop a healthy community.

Huvadhoo Aid have had conducted South Huvadhoo Youth Camp. The first workshop of the day was focused on the causes and characteristics of HIV/Aids. All participants were enthusiastic and got involved in the workshop.

Future Projects

Build and launch Environment Conservation Centre

Launch Solid Waste Management


• Have qualifications in community work with an emphasis on youth-related issues

• Open-mindedness towards other cultures

• Passion for working with children and youth

• Will to commit oneself

• Ability to organize own timetable for sessions and contact patients

Your Gain, Our Goal

We will guarantee you a life-time experience of interning and you will be able to gain knowledge and have fun at the same time. You will gain a unique opportunity to aid our community in developmental projects. Your expertise and skill will enhance the community and the working environment. Excitement and experience, all in one place! By helping in building our community you will become part of our family. You will receive our warmest gratitude and gain experience of the life-time.

Time for Fun

With Sun sHADe Volunteers, you will experience the balance between work life and excitement. You will have ample time to visit the nearby islands and have fun swimming, fishing and enjoy at sunny beaches. You will enjoy the ultimate island fun! We will make sure that full care and support is given to you by our members.

Regular trips and island excursions will be our main focus. So it’s not work all day long, the fun element is also there. Don’t miss out the experience of your lifetime. You will never regret it!